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World Space Week 2015 Activities – Karachi
Date & Day Activity Timings & Venue Venue
5th October 2015
1.Inauguration Ceremony (NCRG Auditorium

1000 hrs

NCRG, SUPARCO Headquarters

 Inauguration of WSW 2015, welcome address, address by chief guest.
2.Inauguration of Mobile Space Education Bus

1045 hrs

NCRG, SUPARCO Headquarters

Inauguration of Mobile Education Bus by chief guest.
3. National Poster Competition (Display Only)


NCRG, SUPARCO Headquarters

Display of posters of National Poster Making competition.
4. Mobile Space Education Bus

1100 hrs onwards

 Nearby districts of interior Sindh or in Suburbs of Karachi

Mobile Education Bus will move to different places in order to propagate space science and technology awareness among the students and teachers of underprivileged or remote areas of Pakistan.
6th October 2015
Quiz competition & Space Mathematica and its prize distribution

0900 – 1530 hrs

NCRG Auditorium HQ

-Quiz Competition will be conducted among the school students on the theme related to Space Technology, Navigation and Applications.

- Space Mathematica inclusion in quiz competition related to space math and basic science MCQs

7th October 2015
1.Declamation Competition and its prize distribution

0900 – 1730 hrs

NCRG Auditorium HQ

Declamation Competition will be conducted among the school students on the theme related to Space Technology, Navigation and Applications.
2. Water Rocket 0800 – 1600 hrs

NCRG Auditorium HQ


Water Rocket competition will be conducted among the school students to promote space awareness and create interest in aerospace, aeronautics and physics among youth through the science of water rockets during World Space Week.
8th October 2015
Space technology lecture for Schools students & teachers 0900 – 1530 hrs

NCRG Auditorium HQ


Lectures will be conducted for school/ college on the theme of Space Technology, Navigation and Applications.
9th October 2015
Space technology lecture for Universities 0900-1530 hrs

NCRG Auditorium HQ 

(Space awareness & space career orientation) A series of lectures will be delivered to different Universities on the theme of Space Technology, Navigation and Applications.
10th October 2015
1. Space in Quran 1700-1900 hrs

PAF Museum  

Qiraat competition will be conducted among the school students related to the Quranic verses.
2. Space performing arts “Space Theatre” 1800-2130 hrs

PAF Museum  


Space theatre will be conducted among the university, school and college students. Participants will learn about Space in a more entertaining manner and put forward their ideas and perceptions about Space Technology.
10th October 2015
Aero modeling competition 1400-2000 hrs

PAF Museum  

Aero Modeling Competition among the school/college students to create awareness about the Airplane building techniques and mechanism of Air flight.
10-11 October 2015
Saturday & Sunday


PAF Museum

Stalls and different activities will be arranged.

Prize distribution ceremony will also be held at PAF Museum.

Sky Observation  




1700-2200 hrs

University Project Competition
Kids Arena
Book Stalls
Food Stalls
Space Movie Theatre
Philately Stall
SUPARCO Souvenir Stall
Water Rocket Demonstration
Space Studio
Model making competition and its prize distribution
Micro gravity experiment 1800-2100 hrs (In collaboration with SITT) 2-3 simple experiments showing micro G effects in action to help understand the youngsters the effect and its manifestations.
Robotic manipulator  





1800-2130 hrs

A multi degrees of freedom robotic manipulator can be installed with option of its operation by the students. This will help them understand the degrees of freedom and its kinematics.
Demo of differential drive vs. rack type steering system of UGVs Students will appreciate the difference between the two in context of space rover. A video of Mars rover will also be running in background.
Scale of Universe & Space Units (In collaboration with HQ Library) Help understand student the difference of units used in space and physical sense required to study the sizes and inter-distances of celestial objects (e.g. light years, size of milky way). With a video running in background.
Poster presentation • A specific stall should be provided for microgravity sciences • A poster presentation will be delivered for awareness of microgravity sciences and astronaut program to general public. Information regarding microgravity experiments, benefits, applications and instruments will be delivered during WSW 2015.
5th, 6th, 7th and 8th October 2015
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Sky Simulation Show

PIA Planetarium

Sky Simulation Show for invited schools will be arranged at PIA Planetarium.




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