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Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) is committed to the peaceful uses of space & space technologies. It has been pursuing Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS) & Geographic Information System (GIS) application programs for the past 30 years. It has established the requisite facilities and developed necessary expertise. SUPARCO acquires and archives SRS data from French SPOT series of satellites. The satellite data and related services are provided to different users with in and outside the country.


SUPARCO provides technical assistance for collaborative research/commercial projects and conducts technical training in the related fields of SRS & GIS for users / organisations in public and private sectors. Under GIS applications programme, SUPARCO has developed databases pertaining to various thematic applications for a large number of customers. It has the privilege of providing technical training to more than 1000 professionals in RS & GIS applications. It has been pursuing a multidisciplinary Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS application programme for resource and environmental surveying/monitoring and management for socio-economic development of the country.  In the capacity of national remote sensing agency, its major goals are to:



Exploit the potentials of space technologies for natural resource surveying and environmental monitoring


Execute application projects of national significance


Transfer technology to users in public and private sectors


Impart Remote Sensing and GIS training to potential users


Remote Sensing along with its allied technologies has become an industry in itself. SUPARCO is the pioneer in introducing these technologies in Pakistan using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS techniques. Turnkey solutions and services are provided to different users in varied disciplines fields including but not limited to the following:







Landuse / Landcover


Water Resources


Coastal and Marine Applications


Image Acquisition and Processing




Vehicle Tracking & Navigation


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