RS & GIS  Objectives






The major objectives for pursuing Remote Sensing and GIS applications programme are summarised below:


Contribution to Socio-Economic Development


SUPARCO aims to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country by:



Demonstrating the potential of space technologies for natural resources surveying and environment monitoring


Executing applications projects


Transfering technology to users


Creating Awareness


Workshops, seminars, symposia, training courses and World Space Week activities are organized to create awareness among decision makers, general public and youth of the potentials of space technology and its applications.


Undertaking R & D Activities


R & D activity holds vital importance in any developmental process. For this purpose, SUPARCO is working towards:



Operationalising the uses of RS/GIS in different disciplines in the country


Switching over to computerized environment in land administration through development & implementation of cadastral mapping on operational basis


Operationalising GIS for revenue records in rural and urban areas


Exploring spectral regions in RS data  for different applications


Automated mapping / interpretation


Snow modelling


Imparting RS-GIS Training


In order to build capacity to use RS/GIS & related products, SUPARCO regularly conducts training courses for outside users as well as its own scientists and engineers on



Remote sensing


Geographic Information System


Specialized thematic training to serve user's specific needs


Higher studies leading to MS/PhD in different disciplines of RS-GIS










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