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Undertake research and conduct pilot studies based on the applications of Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS) data and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to natural resources surveying, mapping and environmental monitoring


Undertake research studies in space and atmospheric sciences including satellite meteorology, satellite radiance, troposphere/stratosphere studies, atmospheric pollution, satellite geodesy and astronomy


Undertake research studies relating to the ionosphere and associated radio wave propagation and geomagnetism


Development, design, fabrication, assembly, and launching of:



Communication satellites for voice, video, Direct-to-home TV broadcast services and digital data transfers

Earth observation satellites for various scientific/technological applications

Sounding rockets for upper and middle atmospheric research


Establishment and operation of ground receiving stations for:


Acquisition of SRS data for earth resources surveying, mapping and environmental monitoring studies

Acquisition of data for atmospheric/meteorological studies

Transmitting and receiving signals from communication satellites

Reception of signals from ships, boats and vehicles in distress under the satellite-aided search and rescue COSPAS-SARSAT programme


Establishment and operation of facilities for tracking satellites/rockets to determine their orbital parameters, trajectories, etc


Development of instrumentation for various scientific and technological experiments


Development of software for different functions









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